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Death and Taxes

What is that saying? The only two things certain in life are death and taxes. I cannot say for sure if these are the only two things certain in life but they definitely are certainties. How to navigate death and taxes When a taxpayer dies, there is work to be on the personal tax side […]

Are you personally liable for your business debts?

When Bob’s Trucking Inc. started experiencing cash flow problems, Bob found his company was unable to pay all of its bills. He decided to use the money the company did have to pay for fuel and employees to continue operations because without fuel in the trucks or employees to drive the trucks, there was no […]

GST Quick Method

GST QUICK METHOD If your business is operating at revenue of $400,000 or less, you need to stop what you are doing and read this! Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers an elective GST filing method for small businesses who have less than $400,000 in annual revenues. It is called the Quick Method and, in my […]

Being the Boss is a Lot of Work!

What does CRA require of an employer? If you are a business owner and have employees, you know the challenges that can come with managing people. Hiring the right people, maintaining schedules, workloads, employment standards, and conflict resolution can be challenging and unpredictable. But making sure you are onside with Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) employer […]

Contractor Reporting – The T5018 Slip

Have you heard of the T5018 slip? Did you know that if your business is operating in the construction industry, you may be required to file an annual T5018 Statement of Contractor Payments with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? The why What is the reasoning behind yet another filing obligation with CRA you may ask? Well, […]

Choosing Your Accountant

Choosing the right account is important. In a previous article, I discussed what CPA means and why it is important to choose an accountant with the CPA designation. Now I want to talk about other considerations when choosing an CPA that is the right fit for you or your company. Does your accountant have relevant […]

What does CPA mean?

CPA makes a difference in your protection Have you ever looked for professional accounting services and been overwhelmed by the number of businesses to choose from? Have you ever noticed some of these companies have a Chartered Professional Accountant and some do not? What does Chartered Professional Accountant, or CPA, even mean? Let us help […]