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Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns have brought on a huge shift for people to work from home. Several business leaders have determined that having employees work from home is entirely possible and a great way to reduce overhead costs. Why would you force your employees to drive across town and sit in an office […]

COVID 19 Update

We’re still open and here to help.  We are just not taking face to face meetings.  We can do a lot via email and our secure online portal. With the extended tax deadline, we’d encourage people NOT to wait to get their personal taxes done.  Most families are getting refunds due to the Climate Action […]

What Can I Expense Through My Corporation?

What constitutes a business expense? I get this question ALL the time from my business clients. As a general rule, expenses must be incurred with the purpose of earning business income. The expenses must be reasonable and justifiable. I’ve compiled a list of the more common expense questions with the answers to perhaps paint a […]

Get Paid Faster – Tips on Quick Accounts Receivable Collections

Getting paid should be easy. Many entrepreneurs struggle with cash flow and wish they had more money in the bank. One of the most significant keys maintaining a healthy cash balance is collecting accounts receivable in a timely manner. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you’re collecting your accounts receivables as fast as […]

My Company is Profitable… So WHY AM I BROKE???

Profit and Loss Statements Don’t Tell The Whole Story Your profit and loss statement showing you positive numbers. Yet you are struggling to find the cash to pay your bills on time. Or perhaps your sales volume has increased but you have less cash than ever? Sound familiar? Cashflow (defined as the net amount of […]

How To Choose a Corporate Year End

Is your choice of Corporate Year-End timing critical? You’ve incorporated… did you know that you can CHOOSE when your year-end can be?  It’s true! You do not have to have a December 31 year-end. This is a very common misconception. Deadlines to keep in mind: For most small to medium businesses in Canada: Your corporate […]

Why Enlist an Accountant from Day One

New Entrepreneur Check List: Brilliant idea?  Check. Endless passion?  Check. Supernatural ambition?  Check. Nerves of steel?  Check. A clear vision of success?  Check. An accountant?  …. WHAT? WHY? …I haven’t made any money yet.  Why do I need to worry about accounting? That is a fantastic question. You don’t know what you don’t know.  When […]